Office Buildings

"Better is the enemy of good." This old proverb rings particularly true for office buildings, perhaps the most classic piece of commercial real estate. New commercial, legal and technical requirements require constant changes.

As ecological consciousness is on the rise, investors as well as institutional lessees are placing more value on the sustainability of products ("green leases"), while real estate is becoming subject to ever-changing laws and regulations.

We are familiar with the requirements and expectations for green buildings and their certifications (e.g., LEED, BREEAM, DGNB quality seal), as well as with traditional issues of administrative law, such as the permissibility of office use under zoning laws (relevant for reviewing whether a property may legally be used for a different purpose), the creation of the required number of parking spaces, the procurement of parking spaces on adjacent properties, or the payment of fees to the city in discharge of the owner's obligation to create parking spaces.