What trûon means to us

trûon [tru:on]: Old German for trusting, having confidence or self-confidence, placing trust in someone

Earning trust. Not only the trust of the client, but also that of the negotiation partner. In an atmosphere of earned trust, parties reach consensus much more quickly, efficiently and satisfactorily.

Having competence. We gained several decades worth of experience working for one of the top international law firms in the legal market, in particular in our core areas of corporate real estate and public business law. Our approach to counseling clients on regional, national or international projects is to cover all legal issues that may arise in the course of a project.

Thinking like business people. Law is primarily a means to an end – our ultimate goal is to achieve your business objectives and strategies. We employ our legal expertise to implement these objectives and strategies in a focused and creative manner, drawing on our market know-how. We offer clear opinions and provide a reasonable risk analysis.

Having fun. Of course, having fun is also conducive to the success of a project. In general, we believe that it is simply more fun to have fun than not have fun.